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These are unsettling times and it is more important then ever we listen and adhere to public advice and take care of ourselves until we are able to go back to some kind of normality again.  It is normal to feel anxious about the uninvited issues we are dealing with.  If you are experiencing high anxiety, please contact me and we can talk through how best I can support you.

I am very fortunate that I am able to continue to offer support to existing clients to ensure continuity in the counselling process and am also able to work with new clients also.  I am able to offer online counselling via your phone/laptop/tablet where we can see each other via a screen or telephone counselling.  These are just as effective as face to face, just different.  The benefit to you is that you do not risk your health by travelling to me and your therapy continues and I can support you through these extremely difficult times.

If are not sure how online would work, I can walk you through the process and have a trial run so you are comfortable.  Let's manage this current situation and use the technology we have.  It will alleviate one form of anxiety which could be risk of catching the virus and no travel time or costs.

It's important to remember what we are dealing with is temporary and will change.  For now, take care and stay well.

Sarah Rolfe | Sarah Rolfe Therapy | Counsellor Ash | Counsellor Ash Vale
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