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How do I make an appointment?

You are welcome to contact me by phone or email.  I will respond to you within 6 hours except at the weekend where I might not be able to respond to you until Monday morning.

How much are your fees?

Each counselling session lasts 50 minutes and the fee is £60.00.  Your first session is payable immediately after your introductory phone-call. From thereon, your payment is payable 48 hours in advance of your session and once payment is made, this secures your session. 

What is your availability?

Appointments are available through the weekdays and some evenings.  Please contact me to discuss your preferred time.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone experiences therapy differently and therefore it is not always possible to determine how many sessions you might need until we determine what you would like to resolve.  It is best if you can commit to weekly sessions to ensure consistency.  Some people like to embark on this journey with an open mind and see what changes.  Some people have a certain budget in mind and what they would like to gain from therapy.  

How do  I access therapy with you?

I offer a variety of options for you to choose what you are comfortable with:-

- Face to Face

We will meet at my office which is a comfortable room in my home.  There is an easily accessible toilet next to the room.

- Video / Telephone Counselling.  We will arrange a mutually convenient time to meet online and I will send you a secure link to click onto to access our session.  I have undertaken specific training in video and telephone counselling to ensure we are meeting securely and the techniques used are to ensure the experience is positive and beneficial.  Some existing clients prefer online therapy and find this liberating as they are in their own environment.

Is counselling confidential?

I work within the BACP & NCPS Ethical Framework where confidentiality is paramount between us.  I will talk to you about this and other important information before we begin therapy.  

Do you provide therapy for children?

No but I can recommend other therapists for this.  My training is specifically for me to work with adults over the age of 17.

Will therapy be like a conversation?

Not exactly although I aim for the sessions to be warm and welcoming.  There is no expectation for you to change your language or 'be a certain way' whilst talking to me.  It is important that you feel comfortable, safe and heard.  Clients usually say that they had no idea what they were going to say and have found me easy to speak to.  Your sessions will be focussed on you so for this reason, I generally do not speak about myself as this could dilute the therapeutic experience for you.  

Will I be 'too much' for you?

It might feel like what you are carrying is 'too much' but that does not mean I will think YOU are too much.  We will look carefully at where these ideas come from and I welcome you to come to therapy as you are, whether that's tired, feeling extremely low, lost for words or maybe angry.

Can I really be helped?

If you have a desire to feel differently and are willing to commit to the counselling process then yes, you can absolutely be helped.  You are in the driving seat and I will sit next to you, holding the map, helping you navigate carefully and safely to where you need to be.  Therapy is not just for when you are in crisis but can provide valuable insight to learn who you really are and to look at situations differently.

I have a mental health diagnosis.  Can you still work with me?

Yes.  Some people find a label is helpful for them but I prefer to understand first and foremost how you feel about your diagnosis, how it affects you and if you are on medication and your experience.  

Can you tell me a bit more before I make an appointment?

My style of working is that therapy is collaborative and not something I 'deliver' but we work out between us which approach works best for you and what it is you are hoping to gain from the process.  If you have previous experience of therapy, I welcome you to discuss this and tell me what has worked well for you in the past and what hasn't been so effective.  

If you have any questions which I have not covered, please ask me.  However, if you are ready to make your appointment, please contact me now on the details below.

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