After working in a corporate environment for many years, the latter part of my previous career took me to Asia where I experienced different cultures and rich diversity.  It broadened my perspective about how people outside my culture live.  It was then I decided to to think about myself and what was important to me.  I made some important life choices and through my own personal experience of counselling, I followed my desire to study mental health.  I studied for just over 4 years to become a Counsellor.  Whilst studying, I was a Samaritan and was also School Team Lead providing workshops to schools on emotional health.

I have provided counselling in several agencies and more recently worked with women who have been affected by the criminal justice system.  The centre in Woking is:-  I am a supplier for a county council working with individuals who have been referred by Social Services for psychotherapy.  

I am privileged to work as a counsellor, my work is very important to me and provides me with great personal fulfilment.  I am always learning from my investment in continual professional studies and I learn from the incredible people I meet.  Counselling takes courage but the benefits are immense and I am always rewarded when someone walks away lighter and taller.


Tel:    07834 776750

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