I studied for just over 4 years to become a Counsellor.  Whilst studying, I was a volunteer at Samaritans where I held 2 roles, firstly working over the phone and face to face to people in distress and often suicidal.  My other role was School Team Lead providing workshops to young people in schools on emotional health.  I am comfortable speaking about suicidal intentions and the pain and internal conflict that this can bring.  I attend regular training as my work and reputation are very important to me.

My motivation for being a counsellor was driven by my own experience in therapy which was undoubtedly life changing.  I understand from personal experience how deep the wounds run when you live with a chaotic parent with addictions and also a parent who is abusive and highly manipulative.

I have provided counselling in several agencies and more recently worked with women who have been affected by the criminal justice system.  The centre in Woking is:-https://www.womenssupportcentresurrey.org.uk/


I am a supplier for a County Council working with individuals who have been referred by Social Services for psychotherapy.  

Clients often comment that I am warm and welcoming and how much lighter they feel after a counselling session.  My work is valuable to me and I place great importance on my work as a counsellor and have tremendous respect for the people who trust me to help them.  I am always learning from the incredible people I meet. 


The benefits of counselling are immense and I am continually reminded of this.

Email:  counsellor@sarahrolfetherapy.com

Tel:    07834 776750

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