Counselling could be the best gift you give yourself and imagine what it would feel like to be in control of your life, letting go of ideas which are not useful and behaviours which make things worse for you.  Imagine being able to make choices that work for you. 

You may find yourself at a point where things have been building up for a while and you have been managing on your own but now things are unmanageable.  You might feel that you should be coping better, you should be able to sort this out on your own.  Try and think of it in these terms:- 


Imagine you are learning to drive a car for the first time.  You wouldn't get into the car on your own, turn the engine on and expect to drive down the road with very little fear with full knowledge of the highway code and be able to change gear, make decisions based on other vehicles and drive confidently.  So why would you expect this to happen with your own personal struggles?  How are you expected to understand your own mental health without some guidance with bringing this safely into awareness?

I can help you to interpret your emotions and what these are telling you and to manage feelings which might be overwhelming.  Imagine what it would feel like to find joy in those things you used to like doing and even looking at new experiences.  We can look carefully at something which has been extremely painful, to work on it sensitively and at your pace.  Imagine being able to drive that car confidently and safely and to see those struggles in the rear view mirror, behind you, in the distance. 


Counselling helps affirm who you really are, raises self esteem which has many benefits, such as helping you manage your relationships, look at your life and make choices you make to feel empowered.

Everyone is different and not everyone responds to counselling in the same way.  I have not walked in your shoes so I like to start the work together by understanding what it is like to be you and to learn more about what you are struggling with so that you have the best possible experience of therapy. 

Email:  counsellor@sarahrolfetherapy.com

Tel:    07834 776750

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