Everyone is different and not everyone responds to counselling in the same way. I will work collaboratively with you to understand what you are struggling with to determine the best method of therapy for you. I expect you to feel better if you work with me and will always hold onto hope for you, even when you cannot see a glimmer of light. Counselling could be the best investment you make in yourself to help you make immediate changes and to also provide you with knowledge and insight for the future. I will not pretend I know you better than yourself but I will be with you, step by step whilst you navigate the counselling process.

If you would prefer me to call you so that we can speak first, please drop me an email/text and we can schedule a time when we can arrange a time for a phonecall to discuss your needs.

Email:  counsellor@sarahrolfetherapy.com

Tel:    07834 776750

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