Are you struggling with an aspect of your life and finding it difficult to move forwards? 


Your life is precious - it belongs to you which means you have the power to make changes. 


You deserve to feel content.  

I am here to help you to find a way to live authentically, feeling at peace with who you really are.  Once you are aware of this, it is so much easier to know which direction you are heading in.  The counselling process can provide you with valuable insights to build a secure foundation which will last you throughout the rest of your life.

Reasons for Therapy?

You might feel full of despair feeling like you're in a dark hole and wondering who you can speak to and who would understand?


Has something happened in the past which is impacting you today and causing you distress?

Are the changing guidelines of Covid19 overwhelming you?

Do you feel extremely anxious, perhaps experiencing panic attacks and wonder how you can find safety?

Do you find situations and conversations play over in your mind sometimes making no sense?

Why can't I just 'sort this out myself'?

Imagine you have been walking in a tunnel and the torch shines in one direction only.  Everytime you walk into this tunnel, you see the same things, experience the same feelings, feel the same way.  You only ever see what the light shines on. 

Well imagine one day you shine the torch to somewhere you have not seen before.  You start to look around, maybe above you or beside you.  You start seeing things you had never noticed were there.  You might start to feel braver, it might look different and you might not feel the same as when you first walked into that tunnel. 

Therapy happens in relation to another person.  The therapeutic relationship is really important because I aim to work collaboratively with you.  This will inform the pace and the depth whilst always keeping the work safe and manageable.  I will spend time carefully getting to know you and what is important to you.  My training integrates elements of specific theories allowing me to be flexible in my approach depending on which style works best for you.  I encourage you to ask me questions about the process if you wish.

Think about learning to drive a car for the first time.  You wouldn't get into the car, turn the engine on and drive down the road with little fear and full knowledge of the highway code.  Let alone be able to change gear, make decisions based on other vehicles actions and drive confidently. 


So why would you expect to be able to easily navigate your way through life effectively without being able to understand yourself first with professional guidance to bring this safely into awareness?

I can help you to interpret your emotions and their purpose and to manage feelings which might feel 'too much'.  We can work sensitively at your pace to create foundations for a satisfying and contended life.


I will be alongside you, guiding you so that you are able to drive to where you want to be confidently and safely, looking at those struggles in the rear view mirror, in the distance behind you. 


To find out how counselling could change your life, please contact me and we can have a discussion over the the phone where you can ask any questions you might have.  This is the start of your life changing.


How therapy works at present working within COVID guidelines


Online counselling - Video counselling via your tablet, laptop or your phone

Telephone counselling - I call you at a pre-arranged time for your appointment


I am qualified in speciality training to enable me to work efficiently via video and phone counselling and can provide you with guidelines and technical help to alleviate any worries or obstacles you might have.  It is different to face to face but just as effective, some people prefer online due to being anxious about travelling away from home and online and telephone counselling are perfect alternatives for you to relax knowing you do not need to worry about travelling to your appointment and can be safe and secure in your own surroundings, creating a cocoon of relaxation, comfort and warmth to solely concentrate on your needs.  You can wear something comfortable and have a warm drink next to you whilst we work at your pace. 


Can I really be helped?

If you have a desire to feel differently and are willing to commit to the counselling process then yes, you can absolutely be helped.  You are in the driving seat and I will sit next to you, holding the map, helping you navigate carefully and safely to where you need to be.  Therapy is not just for when you are in crisis but can provide valuable insight to learn who you really are.

If you can envisage how you would like your life to be, even if it's only a small part of the picture you can see at the moment, then through the counselling process, we can look at how you would like the rest of your view to be. 

Imagine what it would feel like to be in control of your life, letting go of ideas and behaviours which are unhelpful.  Imagine being able to sleep more soundly and have more clarity on your life to be able to make choices that work for you. 

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