How therapy works

We are all needing to adapt to a different way of living at the moment and finding new ways to connect.  I am fortunate that I can still continue to offer counselling via different methods which enables us to keep safe.  Online therapy is different to face to face but just as effective.  You can relax knowing you do not need to worry about travelling to your appointment and can be safe and secure in your own surroundings, creating a cocoon of relaxation and comfort to solely concentrate on your needs.  You might like to wear something cosy and have a refreshing or warm drink next to you whilst we carefully work together at your pace.


We will both be forming a therapeutic relationship so it's really important that you feel safe, heard and understood.  I have not walked in your shoes so it is important that I learn what it is like to be you and what you need from counselling.

Reasons to see a therapist

Having a strong sense that no one really understands you and it's hard figuring out what you should be feeling and where to belong.

You might have waves of anxiety which are overwhelming and it's difficult to 'stay afloat'.


Feeling flat and disconnected, maybe not properly 'living life' the way you would like to?  


You deserve to feel contented and in control of your life.  Everyone's struggles are different but that is not to say you are any less deserving than anyone else. 

This is the time to give yourself the best gift you could ever have - Counselling.

Can I really be helped?

I have successfully helped people discover and accept who they truly are which is the foundation for a fulfilling life.  You are unique and you have a right to be content and happy.  Counselling is a powerful and effective therapy and I will 'hold the frame' for you, providing guidance throughout the therapeutic process.  It's also worth knowing that therapy is not just for when you are in crisis but when you are considering what is right for you.

If you can envisage how you would like your life to be, even if it's only a small part of the picture you can see at the moment, then through the counselling process, we can look at how you would like the rest of your view to be. 

Imagine what it would feel like to be in control of your life, letting go of ideas and behaviours which are unhelpful.  Imagine being able to sleep more soundly and have more clarity on your life to be able to make choices that work for you. 

Why can't I just 'get myself together'?

Think about learning to drive a car for the first time.  You wouldn't get into the car, turn the engine on and expect to drive down the road with little fear and full knowledge of the highway code.  Let alone be able to change gear, make decisions based on other vehicles actions and drive confidently. 


So why would you expect to be able to magically navigate your way through life effectively without being able to understand yourself first with professional guidance to bring this safely into awareness?

I can help you to interpret your emotions and their purpose and to manage feelings which might feel overwhelming.  We can work sensitively at your pace to create foundations for a satisfying and contended life.


I will walk alongside you, guiding you so that you are able to drive that car confidently and safely and to see those struggles in the rear view mirror, in the distance. 


To find out how counselling could change your life, begin by contacting me to make your introductory appointment.

Counselling | Ash Vale | Sarah Rolfe


Tel:    07834 776750

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