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What do I need?

Without you even realising, COVID19 could be taking up alot of your headspace. There might not be adequate space to think about applying yourself to a new hobby, to work on a new business plan or learn to play that instrument.

We are being told we now have the luxury of time to plan out our lives and maybe even the thought of that is too overwhelming. It might be too much to think of what you SHOULD be doing and how life SHOULD look like after all this is over.

If you have very little concentration, feel agitated or have simmering anger, there is a reason for this. Your primitive brain is hardwired to survive. It's on high alert, ready to fight or run away. When this happens, there is no room for the front part of your brain to make sense of what is happening around you. The logical, rational part of your brain has been hijacked and is 'off line' and you cannot make rational decisions whilst your brain has switched over.

Now is the time to be compassionate with yourself, knowing you are having a normal physiological response to what you perceive is a threat. Here is something which might help:-

Give yourself a peaceful space away from others, even if it's a bathroom.

Look at yourself in the mirror, taking deep breaths as you look at your own reflection.

Look at your face, look deep into your eyes and notice the colours.

Allow yourself time to recognise who you are, to think about all your different facets which make you unique.

Remember all the obstacles you have overcome and acknowledge the difficulties you have faced.

Now ask yourself this:-

"What is it that I need?"

Allow yourself time to respond. Listen to what it is that you desire and think about what will bring you peace.

Take comfort from the fact that you have learnt a little more about yourself by putting your needs first.

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