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Riding the Coronavirus Storm

We are living in unsettled times due to the uninvited, unexpected effects of Coronavirus.

It is normal to feel anxious due to the impact throughout the world which has affected individuals, families and communities. Anxiety is a normal emotion and it is important to acknowledge it, then put it to one side.

This storm will eventually pass. It will lose pace, momentum and energy. The more we practise staying grounded and calm, the power of the storm will diminish.

If you feel anxious, acknowledge that you are responding to something which feels out of your control and might not have happened yet. Allow yourself to feel the emotion, because emotions are meant to be felt. What does that anxiety feel like and whereabouts in your body can you feel it?

Now for the grounding part:-

Sit down in a chair and feel your feet on the floor, feel your big toe and then the toe next to it and so on until your foot is pushing firmly down. Now push your feet further down imagining they are pushing their way into the floor. Notice your back push against the seat, from the bottom to the your shoulders. Feel your hands pressing down on the chair.

Notice your breathing and concentrate on controlling what happens. There are breathing exercises for anxiety on the internet, such as 4, 7, 8 . Try this whilst you are sitting down and notice the change afterwards. If you practise this enough times, your body will remember how to ground when it needs to.

Allow yourself to just 'be' because all the time you are grounding yourself, you are not in the storm's space but are becoming centered within your own space .

In the present. In the here and now.

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